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Wavestore VMS

Global Leader in Video Management


Intelligent, integrated video solutions for any application


Wavestore is a global leader in innovative digital video recording and data management solutions, and the number one British provider of video management software.
From standalone systems to large distributed server networks with tens of thousands of cameras, sensors and analytics options, Wavestore provides intelligent, integrated solutions for any application.
Wavestore’s client list ranges from national governments to industrial corporations and global consumer brands. Wavestore VMS is often recognised as the world’s most user-friendly yet highly scalable video management platform.
Winner of two prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise


Video Management Software


The heart of your solution
Sitting at the heart of a security solution, Wavestore’s open platform Video Management Software (VMS) offers so much more than just industry leading video and recording management. As well as bringing together audio, data and video, including images from the very latest ultra-high definition and 360° fish eye cameras, Wavestore provides a platform that makes integration between disparate third-party technologies simple.
One screen, total control
Simultaneously view, control and manage live video, recorded footage and integrated devices, all from one screen to create a fully scalable and powerful total security solution.

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Simple to choose
Wavestore is available in three editions: Base, Premium and Enterprise, making it easy to choose the right feature set for the job at hand. What’s more, we provide a range of NVRs with Wavestore pre-installed for a complete VMS and recording solution.

Wide Technology Partner eco-system
Deploy Wavestore to manage your video surveillance as a standalone application or fully integrate your video surveillance and other third-party devices and technologies. To name but a few, we support access control , video analytics and large storage solutions, augmenting often ‘dumb’ systems with Wavestore management and control to unlock powerful benefits.

Any video, any format
Wavestore is compatible with the widest range of video technologies making it possible to have any combination of camera types and images displayed on screen and recorded at the same time, including high megapixel, UHD 4K, HD, 360° fisheye, HD-SDI, HD-CVI, thermal and analogue.
Fully scalable up to Enterprise level, our VMS is designed with both backwards and forwards compatibility to ensure your investment is protected today and into the future.

Fully scalable up to Enterprise level, our VMS is designed with both backwards and forwards compatibility to ensure your investment is protected today and into the future.

Rapid retrieval, effective decisions
Thanks to Wavestore’s unique architecture, users are able to search multiple petabytes of storage by text, alarm/event or via an intuitive play-bar to instantaneously retrieve and play back recorded video.

360° De-Warping
Our intelligent client de-warping function enables a single 360 degree camera to record a large area, while allowing the operator to dynamically select areas of interest and create multiple pre-set navigable views without compromising on network bandwidth.

Unparalleled Throughput
Compared to Windows architecture, Wavestore (running on a Linux platform) reaches twice the throughput of data. This means that the Wavestore VMS can either record double the number of streams of video, increase the quality of individual streams, or playback more streams at once. This makes the VMS more useful and improves the longevity of the system at installation.