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Video Management Systems

Cyrus is a value added distributor for the World’s #1 video management system – Milestone Xprotect. Milestone designs, develops and produces world-leading IP-based video management solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes. As a certified solutions designer and integration technician, you will be assured of quality of service for your project needs.

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AI Video Analytics

Cyrus domain expertise centres around the cutting edge field of video analytics. From rule based to non rule based systems based on AI to detect abnormal behaviours or events, from facial recognition to vehicle attribute recognition ( Licence plate, make and model) and deep learning object recognition and classification, Cyrus has the solution and deployment experience to support your needs.

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Computing Platforms

Cyrus is a OEM partner for Dell servers and workstations, with the tight working relationship with Dell, we can provide the design and solution for the computing platform, be it centralised or edge,  for your enterprise video surveillance and smart city applications.

For projects requiring turn key out of the box applications , we provide appliances built in with AI capability for your needs.

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Our Solutions


Shopping centers and stores are constantly looking to increase customer safety, improve operational performance and minimize loss prevention.

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Critical Infrastruture

All critical facilities demand advanced security and safety measures so as to prevent attacks and accidents with severe ramifications.

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Cyrus Innovations accumulated vast amounts of experience deploying state of the art video analytic systems to military bases, courts and homeland security bases.

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Safe & Smart Cities

There is now a greater need to discover unusual and deviant behaviour and events as early as possible.

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