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Asura Technologies

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Asura Technologies is driven by a single idea – to create truly hardware independent LPR systems. The reason is simple: let’s imagine that you are in the parking-, tolling- or access control business and you need the best product for license plate recognition. You have two choices for your system: camera-based LPR or hardware-independent LPR. What will you choose?
Think carefully. Is it really up to the camera to recognize, understand and process the content on the picture? It’s like trying to process what you see with your eyes instead of letting your brain do the work.
In our opinion, an LPR system has to be made by a software developer company and not camera manufacturers. LPR systems should be hardware-independent, and that is the independence Asura Technologies gives you.

Asura ARU MMR (Make and Model Recognition)

ARU MMR features
With the use of its deep learning algorithm ARU MMR recognizes the
make (brand) and model of the car (e.g. Ford Mondeo). ARU MMR also
returns the color and the category of the recognized vehicle, whether
it is a motor cycle, passenger car, bus or truck.

Recognizes and returns the category of the recorded vehicle: motor cycle, passenger car, bus or truck.
Make and model recognition
Recognizes and returns the brand and model of the vehicle. Currently over 1000 different known models recognized and still learning.

Recognizes and returns the color of the captured vehicle. (Basic colors are provided in the event information).

Asura MMR