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CityEyes Vehicle Route Tracking

Vehicle Tracking Software Module is an add-on software module of CityEyes cloud-based high performance video operating system (VOS). The VOS is PaaS platform for a variety of video applications and analytics engines including license plate recognition, vehicle route tracking, car detection, and camera health monitoring.
Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art cloud computing and Big Data computation engines, vehicle identification by license plate recognition can be achieved more quickly; and thus the route of a vehicle of interest can be identified faster than ever.


  • Easy-to-identify, user friendly map-based VRT display
  • Automatic VRT system reduces need for human resources in manual vehicle search operations

Cloud-based video operating system can process 10-hour videos in 30 minutes through use of up to 20 VMs

Key Features

  • Accuracy: Leverages IronYun License Plate Recognition Software Module, 95%* correct recognition for cars and 70~80%* correct recognition for motorcycles
  • Route Tracking Algorithm: Patented vehicle route tracking algorithm eliminates unnecessary analytics for videos from neighbor cameras
  • Geographic map integrated user interface: Supports OpenStreetMap and GoogleMap
  • Cloud Computing: The IronYun VOS (Video Operating System) platform makes it easy to scale up the computing power needed for license plate recognition and vehicle route tracking.

*Subject to lighting conditions and camera mounting positions