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Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Power, chemical and nuclear plants, dams, telecommunication stations, government and military buildings, and correctional facilities – all of these sites demand advanced security and safety measures so as to prevent attacks and accidents with severe ramifications. Moreover, these sites face practical challenges such as ensuring a secure and safe environment for personnel and high-level decision-makers, and protecting valuable assets.


Cyrus have deep expertise deploying solutions for critical infrastructure sites as well as government and military facilities to effortlessly pinpoint security breaches, raise alert to safety hazards, protect valuable assets, provide data and information to enhance operational efficiency and offer powerful forensic analysis capabilities.


With the sensitive nature of such installations, a combination of 99.99% of availability of video data storage coupled with state of the art video analytics supports the safe and intelligent operations of the critical infrastructure.


Solution capabilities

  • 99.9999% system uptime and data availability, no single points of failure.
  • Perimeter intrusion detection
  • Sterile zone implementation
  • Abnormality detection ( riots, fire , explosions etc)
  • Identify suspicious activity
  • Rapid video search and post event forensics
  • Software PTZ
  • Detect removal of assets
  • Licence Plate Recognition