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Sensethunder AI Temperature Scanning

Fight Against COVID -19

The SenseThunder-E Mini is a 2-in-1 contactless temperature measurement and
facial recognition-integrated terminal. Developed by SenseTime Singapore’s R&D
team, it leverages our latest facial recognition and deep learning algorithms to
accurately and effectively associate the detected body temperature with the
corresponding profile.

Sense Thunder Mini

Sensetime Sense Thunder Mini

Key Features


  • Body temperature measurement accuracy of ±0.4℃
  • Integrated with NDI Safeentry
  • Contactless temperature screening from up to 1.2 meters away
  • Facial recognition possible when face is occluded by mask
  • Face mask detection to enforce the wearing of masks
  • Facilitate fully digitalized and contactless contact tracing
  • Can be integrated to security door or turnstile for access control
  • AI Cloud for operation management, attendance management and visitor management