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Solutions for Hospitality

Protect and Enhance Your Brand

The brand image and service quality of hotels and resorts are of paramount importance and its a constant drive to increase customer safety, improve guest experience and minimize loss prevention. Indeed, for the hospitality industry, surveillance systems are expected to not only serve security and safety applications, but to also serve as business process enablers, providing valuable data and insights that offer real benefit to the operations and people they serve.

Insights For Marketing and Operations

  • visitor demographics
  • visitor traffic flow
  • premises occupancy
  • time spent on-premise
  • identifying VVIP guests or Blacklisted people through facial recognition technology
  • entry rate and serving rate of queue
  • individual queue waiting time at reception counters

Insights for Security

  • Detect breaches of a secure zones and closely monitor access to presidential suites
  • “Do more work less ” use less manpower resources but yet increase early detection of security events
  • Detect unauthorized activity taking place
  • Detect loitering in areas of interest
  • Licence Plate Recognition to welcome VVIP guests

Insights for Safety

  • Real-time Detection of Blocked Emergency Passages / Exits
  • Fire or anomaly detection