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Agent Video Intelligence

Leading global provider of open architecture, video analytics software

Agent Video Intelligence

Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi™) is the leading global provider of open architecture, video analytics software. The comprehensive video analytics solutions offered by Agent Vi extend from real-time video analysis and alerts to video search and business intelligence applications, and are fully integrated with a range of cameras, encoders and video management systems.


Based on Agent Vi’s unique, patented, Image Processing over IP (IPoIP™) software architecture– which distributes the video analysis task between the camera and a server – Agent Vi’s solutions can support up to 200 cameras running a full suite of video analytics functionalities on a single server, while offering superior accuracy and detection performance.


Founded in 2003, Agent Vi has sales, distribution and research and development operations around the globe. The company has proven deployments worldwide in retail, airports, rail hubs, highways, education, critical infrastructure, utility, government, financial institutions and metropolitan markets.


Integrating Agent Vi’s advanced video analytics capabilities into existing or new surveillance networks enables users to benefit from the true potential of their surveillance networks, transforming them into intelligent tools that respond to the practical challenges of the 21st century.


savVi Real-Time Event Detection

savVi delivers highly accurate real-time event detections, eliminating the need to rely on the alertness or response discipline of the system’s operator. Users define potential events of interest in advance and receive alerts when such events occur, enabling rapid responses to incidents, as they emerge.


It is near impossible for a surveillance system operator to identify incidents and events of interest in live video stream. The monotonous nature of the video together with the large number of video feeds to observe means that operators will not notice situations that require immediate responses. savVi’s Real-Time Event Detection solution generates automatic alerts for events of interest, increasing the level of security without increasing manpower levels.


  • Transforms video surveillance system from a passive tool to a proactive detection system
  • Detects a wide range of events relating to people, vehicles and static objects
  • Analyzes video from multiple sources in parallel, including fixed, PTZ and thermal cameras
  • Enables unlimited combinations of analytics detection rules to be applied to each camera
  • Allows complex detection scenarios which combine/link detection rules from multiple cameras
  • Offers an innovative “Rule Test” which allows automatic validation of detection accuracy in the installation phase

Target Type: Person Rules

Available Rules:

• Moving in an area
• Crossing a line
• Tailgating
• Loitering
• Crowding
• Occupancy

Target Type: Vehicle Rules 

Available Rules:

• Moving in an area
• Crossing a line
• Tailgating
• Stopped vehicle
• Speed analysis

Target Type: Static Object Rules 

Available Rules:

• Suspicious object
• Asset protection
• Light detection

Target Type: PTZ Rules 

Available Rules:

• Multiple real-time rules on PTZ presets
• Autonomous PTZ target tracking

savVi Video Search


savVi boasts automatic and effortless retrieval and analysis of recorded video, replacing cumbersome, labor-intensive, manual searches. Users define parameters regarding the event/object of interest and receive matching search results within seconds, enabling rapid access to specific video segments buried in the stored video.


To locate a specific video segment within the recorded video, operators must undertake a time-consuming, needle in a haystack, manual search. The lack of an automated and time-efficient solution means that stored video collected by surveillance systems is rarely utilized. savVi’s Video Search solution allows surveillance system users to employ extensive and intuitive search parameters to define a search query and receive precise search results. Scanning days of stored video in seconds, and with simultaneous search on multiple cameras, savVi eliminates inefficient manual review to allow true leveraging of the stored video.


  • Offers extensive range of search parameter filters to pinpoint video segments of interest
  • Presents versatile visualization displays that minimize video viewing time
  • Delivers rapid results: Searches 24 hours of video in a few seconds
  • Enables simultaneous search on any number of cameras
  • Increases efficiency in investigations relying on recorded video
  • Allows search to be applied in near real-time for enhanced situational awareness and incident response


There are various viewing options available within savVi’s Video Search solution, offering the user various ways to view the search results data:



Search results can be presented in video playback thumbnails. The user can review each search result effortlessly by clicking on the thumbnail to retrieve the video segment and watching the video playback.



Video Summary



Target Path
Search results can be shown as a graphical presentation of all motion paths in a scene for visualization of search results. This viewing option allows easy identification of trends/anomalies and enables the users to rapidly pinpoint the video segment sought.



savVi Business Intelligence


savVi offers automated statistical analysis to present traffic volumes, movement trends and motion patterns, enabling effortless extraction of operational data from surveillance video. Equipped with such information, facility managers, marketing leaders and business owners can make educated decisions regarding various operational and resource allocation aspects at their facility.


Gathering statistics from recorded video can be a time-consuming undertaking. While the hours and hours of video captured undoubtedly contain valuable information, the labor-intensive task of manually analyzing such video is overwhelming. savVi’s Business Intelligence solution automates the task of gathering information to provide accurate figures and data about people and vehicle movement and traffic paths. This valuable data informs business decisions to ensure an optimal level of operational efficiency.


  • Delivers accurate, wide-ranging statistical data related to people and vehicles
  • Offers advanced visualization tools including charts, graphs and heat maps, for effortless analysis of the data
  • Enables exporting of the raw data for further analysis or integration with other systems
  • Enhances operations and marketing decisions for the retail sector through customer behavior analysis
  • Provides key metrics for highway operators through vehicle flow and speed analysis


Business Intelligence Rules 

savVi offers a number of “rules” which once applied, can gather statistical data from within the recorded video. The rules that can be used for business intelligence purposes include “Count People”, “Count Vehicles”, “Crowding”, “Occupancy” and “Speed Analysis”.